Why Organic Car Wax is Better for Car Paint Protection

Why Organic Car Wax is Better for Car Paint Protection

Car wax is an important step in car detailing and it is usually performed after conducting car paint fixes and new paint application. Organic Car Wax is cheap, convenient, easily accessible and reusable, which is why it is a best …

Why you shouldn’t just Google your DTC car problem?

You are driving down the road and BAM, the annoying Check Engine Light comes on. What do you do? First, you need to better understand what a Check Engine Light is (Show a CEL on a dashboard here)
It’s what …

Rubber car mats are easy to use, affordable, and non-poisonous

Beauty Meets Function with Rubber Car Mats

Rubber car mats are an integral part of the interior decoration of a vehicle that plays an important specific purpose aside from merely enhancing its looks and appearance. 

Car mats are accessories serve as a form of protection for the …

The Automotive Sector – What’s coming in 2020?

The humble motorcar and other automotive vehicles have changed dramatically in their century or more of development. They may still run on four wheels and operate according to the same principles of physics as they did back in 1900, but …

Anti-hail cover for car

Anti-Hail Cover: What Can I Use to Protect My Car from Hail?

Hail is probably not one of the natural disasters that come to mind.  Unfortunately, this can cause billion dollar worth of damages every year to vehicles and crops. This is why it is important to use the right anti-hail cover

Tips for Safer and Easier Driving Car Using GPS Navigation

Many vehicular accidents today are revealed to be the result of distracted driving, and some safety experts revealed that in-car GPS itself can be a possible distraction. While easier driving car using GPS navigation is a big help, there are …

Customizing vehicle

A vehicle is not just a way of transport but it can also provide a sense of freedom or excitement. It can also give a person some responsibility over the car itself as well as the passengers they are driving …

Dual mass flywheel

The dual mass flywheel

A mass flywheel is a mechanical tool meant to effectively store rotational energy. The tool has the potential to resist variations in rotational energy. Generally, the quantity of energy stored in them is directly related to the square of its …

Important informations about car motor oil

You know your car like the palm of your hand: its curves, its edges, how it is handled and what it likes. But perhaps we can all learn a little more about the small details of our vehicle, such as

Wipers for the car

The windshield car wiper is a device that adapts to the outside of the windshield, to separate rain, snow, etc., falling on it, to facilitate visibility. By extension, the name is also applied improperly to the glass cleaning mechanism that