Expansion Valve Basics

expansion valve

Expansion Valve Basics

The air conditioning or AC system of your car consists of several components. One of these is none other than the orifice tube, more popularly called the expansion valve. Just like other parts of the AC system, even the smallest failure or malfunction of this valve can prevent proper cooling of the cabin. 

Naturally, if your AC system doesn’t cool properly because of a faulty valve, your vehicle will become extremely uncomfortable. Once this happens, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

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universal roof bars for cars

Quick Guide on Universal Roof Bars For Cars and Car Bike Racks

Shopping for universal roof bars for cars isn’t something you should do on a whim. Since it’s no small purchase, it’s essential to consider several key factors to ensure your investment will be worth it. 

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Milwaukee Auto Detailing: A Comprehensive Look

In Milwaukee, auto detailing is more than a mere cleaning routine; it’s an essential practice for maintaining the longevity and appeal of your vehicle. This detailed process, addressing both the interior and exterior, is particularly crucial given Milwaukee’s unique weather conditions. The benefits include:

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Car tarpaulin against hail

Protect your car from unwanted damage

Hail is a weather phenomenon that occurs when water droplets freeze in storm clouds and fall to the earth’s surface as ice balls. Hailstorms can vary in size and intensity, and large hail balls can cause significant damage to cars, breaking windows and denting bodywork. This damage can be expensive to repair and can affect the value and appearance of the car.

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air conditioning compressor

What makes the car air conditioning work

Not all car components and auto parts are known. But we know one thing: when it’s hot and the air conditioning doesn’t work, we have a big problem. What we want to give today, therefore, is to tell you a little more about how air conditioning works and one of its lesser-known parts: the climate control compressor.

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car sunshades

Car and passengers protected from the sun

Car sunshades are important automotive equipment because they protect the car interior from the sun’s rays, thus ensuring a more comfortable temperature inside the car and reducing the risk of overheating. They also protect the interior of the car from UV rays, which can damage the seats, steering wheel, and other parts of the car.

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anti-hail car cover

How to protect your car from the storm

Especially in recent years, the number of cars that have requested insurance assistance for damage caused by atmospheric agents has increased by 15% compared to the early 2000s. Surely much of the credit is due to climate change but another substantial portion is due to misinformation from motorists. Have you ever wondered how to prevent these disasters? Not the atmospheric ones, of course, we mean the damage to the car. After all, most of the time a good hail cover is enough

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motorcycling gloves

Beginners Guide for Buying Motorcycling Gloves

Getting the right and best pair of motorcycling gloves goes beyond a matter of protection alone. Your gloves serve as your main contact point every time you are out for a ride on your motorcycle. Wearing the right gloves ensures better comfort, thus keeping you safer at the same time. 

This is why you should never underestimate the impact of gloves on your riding experience. If you are shopping for riding gloves, you have to be familiar first with the different types you can choose from. 

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car fenders

Going off-road is simple

Fenders are straightforward devices that are used to shield the sides of the vehicle from mud and other loose materials frequently encountered along both dirt and paved roads. They are prevalent on many recreational vehicles, long-haul trucks, and even some bicycles. It is a very straightforward but highly efficient technology that makes the car stand out and preserve itself. In reality, without a strong automobile fender, there would surely be more bodywork damage (even minor, insignificant damage). Imagine how aggravating it might be for people who have spent thousands of euros to modify their car’s trim and, possibly, cover the body with colors or graphics. This is annoying when it comes to regular cars. So what we’re trying to say is don’t discount the value of a car mudguard and let it do its thing.
Here are some illustrations of how the fender functions and how it is frequently utilized to express one’s personality.

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anti-hail cover for cars

Protect your car from hail

In times of climate change and also, as we have seen in recent years, an extremely sudden one, it is better to be safe than sorry. Especially when it comes to atmospheric agents that can do a lot of damage such as hail. And that’s exactly why everyone should own an anti-hail car cover.

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