Quick Guide on Universal Roof Bars For Cars and Car Bike Racks

universal roof bars for cars

Quick Guide on Universal Roof Bars For Cars and Car Bike Racks

Shopping for universal roof bars for cars isn’t something you should do on a whim. Since it’s no small purchase, it’s essential to consider several key factors to ensure your investment will be worth it. 

What are Universal Roof Bars For Cars?

A roof bar is a frame that goes on top of the roof of your car. It sits on the legs of the roof rack that can be drilled into the vehicle’s roof or bolted into existing holes. 

The purpose of these roof bars is to increase the car roof’s weight capacity and let you transport heavier and longer loads with enhanced security. These bars come in handy for hauling construction materials. 

They are also perfect for overlanding or off-road trips to transport and carry surplus cargo that might not fit inside the car. These accessories are also ideal for bikes, snowboards, skis, kayaks, awnings, and water tanks. Some roof bars even let you mount a rooftop tent on top of them. 

universal roof bars for cars even let you mount a rooftop tent

Different roof bars are available for other vehicle models. These are often made out of aluminum, steel, or a combination. Some roof bars have lower weight capacity and are perfect for carrying lighter loads. On the other hand, others have excellently high weight limits and are handy for loading up supplies worth weeks for overlanding trips. 

The market is now filled with thousands of roof bar models that make it confusing for people to make the right choice. As such, there are a few basic things you need to know about universal roof bars for cars to help you find the perfect option for you and your vehicle. 

How to Shop for Roof Bars and Car Bike Racks

Before you buy roof bars, there are several things you should consider to ensure that your option fits both your needs and lifestyle. Making an excellent car bike rack choice depends on how often you plan to use the rack, how many bikes you need to transport, and what type of vehicle you drive.


As stated, roof bars can be made from aluminum, steel, or a mix. But if you’re wondering which the best is, it might not be easy to answer since it depends on your needs. 


Aluminum car roof bars are corrosion-resistant and lightweight. They might be more expensive but are less durable. However, you can still count on them to carry valuable items and heavy gear. 

universal roof bars for cars made of aluminum
Universal roof bars for cars made of aluminum are corrosion-resistant and lightweight.


Steel roof bars are built to last, thanks to their extreme sturdiness. The only downside is that they erode more than their aluminum counterparts. But most of these steel roof racks today prevent this issue with the help of zinc coating. 

These bars are also heavier, causing more impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy. But the good news is that they are cheaper than aluminum roof bars. 

Alloy (Steel and Aluminium Combo)

Alloy roof bars for cars made from a combination of steel and aluminum give you the best of both worlds. It means you’ll be enjoying aluminum’s lightweight combined with steel’s durability. 


Most people use their roof bars to carry cargo that might not fit inside their vehicle because of its size or shape. These accessories give you almost everything you can imagine, from camping and off-road equipment to construction materials. 

You can also use these bars to carry longer loads that might not fit in the truck bed or inside your vehicle. With these bars, you can quickly move furniture, additional luggage, skis, kayaks, rooftop tents, and bikes. 

car bike racks for transporting bikes

Thanks to universal roof bars for cars, you can safely fasten your load, making their transport safe for you and other people on the road just like you.  


Roof bars also add extra storage space for the stuff that your vehicle’s interior might not be able to accommodate or those you simply don’t want inside the car because they will occupy a considerable space, leaving no room for your passengers. 

universal roof bars for cars for extra storage space
Universal roof bars for cars give you extra storage space for the stuff you don’t want inside the vehicle because it will occupy a considerable space, leaving no room for your passengers.

You can mount almost anything on your roof bars, including additional luggage, liquid tanks, paddle boards, skis, canoes, kayaks, and more. You must tie them securely to the bars to ensure they don’t slide off accidentally during transport. You can mount bikes on a unique car bike rack to transport your bicycles.

You can also mount roof cargo boxes on the roof bars to store smaller items that would have been otherwise tricky to attach safely on the bars themselves. 

Weight Limit

The weight limit is the most important thing you must check when shopping for roof bars. Every roof bar has a different weight limit, meaning other roof bars also serve different purposes. 

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How to choose the right roof bars for your car? The Magazine team share their top tips to ensure you choose the right universal roof bars for cars for carrying boxes, tents and more

If you plan to put weeks’ worth of supplies on your roof bar or rooftop tent for your upcoming Overlanding adventure, choose roof bars with a higher weight capacity to ensure they can handle all the load. 

If you’re only going on a short off-road trip and don’t have lots of heavy gear, you can opt for roof bars with a lighter weight load. 


As expected, the specific material comprising the universal roof bars for cars dictates the product’s price. Aluminum roof bars are pricier than steel ones. 

But aside from the material, the price of these products also varies depending on the need for modifications or drilling during installation. The items you plan to bring and if you need extra accessories for loading them can also add to your total expense. 

The Bottom Line 

There are a bunch of universal roof bars for cars on the market right now. As well as many varieties of car bike racks. Be sure to shop around first, find some products you like, compare prices and features, and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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