Wipers for the car

Wipers for the car

The windshield car wiper is a device that adapts to the outside of the windshield, to separate rain, snow, etc., falling on it, to facilitate visibility. By extension, the name is also applied improperly to the glass cleaning mechanism that is intended for the same purpose to the rear window, since it is the same system. The first windshield car wiper models were adopted around 1920; they were constituted by a rubber spatula (usually double, to rub both sides of the glass), which was manually operated.

In the thirties, these devices were replaced by more advanced systems, mechanical, electromechanical or pneumatic.

The most widespread systems in automobiles are of the electromechanical type, while the pneumatic controls (compressed air or in depression) are generally adopted in industrial vehicles, trucks, buses, trolleybuses and the like, which already have tanks of compressed air. The success of the windshield car wipers powered by an electric motor is mainly due to its regular and silent operation.

Thus, the wiper system is constituted typically by an electric motor with starter switch, a series of reduction gears, a system of eccentric or rods and idlers, transforming the continuous rotary movement of that motor swing, and squeegees of the windshield wipers, which include rubber spatulas called brushes.

The electric motors used are direct current, generally of mixed excitation, although examples of other excitation systems are not lacking. The power required for its operation is very limited (30-60 W) and depends on the speed of the brushes, as well as the amplitude of the surface they clean (consumption is made at 3-5 A).

We already know the history of the windshield, now we will explain how to change the windshield

As winter covers everything, you may notice that it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain an adequate visibility of the road. If the windshield wipers do not clean the windshield, or if they leave a few streaks of dirt when they pass through the glass, it is time to put a new game there. And we tell you already: changing the windshield wipers is a quick job, and that is within reach of anyone.

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No tools are required to change a car wiper blade assembly. Each rubber is mounted on a metal arm or piece with a curved end. First, raise the wiper blade until it is almost perpendicular to your windshield. The blade or piece of metal where the brush is should move freely. Turn it 90 degrees and push down on its central part, where it is attached to the arm. In most cars you will have to press a plastic tab while pushing. It takes a small amount of force to loosen the blade, but not that much either. Remove the piece completely.

At that time, you can familiarize yourself with the type of clip or hook that the windshield car wiper has and with which it joins the metal arm. Generally, it is usually a type of hook that works for almost all other types. Keep this in mind when choosing new ones. Take your new windshield car wiper, slide it on the arm and insert the plastic part in the middle. You will hear a distinctive click sound when properly installed.

This should also not require a great physical effort. Return the windshield car wiper arm to its original position … and that’s it! It’s that simple Repeat the process to install the second windshield car wipers, and activate them when you are finished, to make sure everything is working properly.


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