How to Intelligently Use the Space on the Roof of Your Car

Universal roof bars

How to Intelligently Use the Space on the Roof of Your Car

New car and no extra space in the trunk? How do we do it? We can change the car for a larger one, or we can decide to mount bars to increase the usable space for transport using the roof.

Don’t think there is a dedicated model for your machine? No problem: universal roof bars exist.

What are Universal Roof Bars

What they are is suggested by their name: they are bars and are used to carry everything that the load limits allow. The universality is given by the possibility of mounting them on any type of vehicle as the attachments are, precisely, universally suitable.

Universal roof bars as they allow you to transport things on the roof of your car.
Universal roof bars fit onto the roof of your vehicle, using a variety of connecting systems. Fitted roof bars are perfect for you if you’re a regular camper, cyclist, or just need to transport things.

The universal roof bars are therefore suitable for transporting everything, including bikes, roof racks and, for the most demanding, they also allow you to house roof boxes, another very convenient alternative to trailers and the like. The greatest advantage of universal roof bars is certainly the price: they are a convenient and economical alternative to increase the transport capacity of our vehicle, in a non-invasive way, both permanently and occasionally. It is therefore a low cost solution but also very flexible and adaptable to our needs.

How Universal Roof Bars are Made

Universal roof bars for cars are nothing more than beautiful light metal bars (usually carbon or aluminum) which, by attaching to the roof of our car, allow us to carry various types of objects. As previously mentioned, they are called universal roof bars because of the appropriate attachments for each type of car. However, this does not mean that there is a single, unique type of attack, usable and adaptable for all cars.

Universal car bars are usually made from aluminum, carbon or steel.
Universal roof bars are made from carbon, steel or aluminum, but are often cheaper than roof racks. You can get roof bars in sets of 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on the model of your car.

In reality, the attacks are of different types and although they place limitations in terms of model, they vary according to our needs, especially based on the type of attack that our car has from dealerships. So universal yes, but pay attention to the booklet and the instructions (usually accompanied by an image that represents the type of attachment suitable for those roof bars).

What are the Types of Roofs on which to Mount the Universal Roof Bars

Let’s repeat it: they are universal because they can be adapted to the type of roof we have regardless of the car model. In fact, what varies is the structure of the roof of our car: we must therefore evaluate what kind of universal roof bars to buy, based on this. Fortunately, it is not a question of having to study an encyclopedia before making a purchase.

The first type of roof is the most common one, the flat roof. This is the standard roof, it completely devoid of handrails and may or may not have a predisposition for mounting bars on it. In this particular case, the universal roof bars are equipped with special mounting kits which include hooks to be attached to the space under the door to keep them stable. In this particular case it is suggested to follow the manual and instructions very precisely.

Most universal roof bars can be simply removed.
You can leave your roof bars on your car if they are not due a clean, everything is in good working order, and you’re not going through a car wash.

The second type of roof is the one equipped with a high handrail. In this case the bars to be mounted are those with the jaw closure on the handrail. In this case, just check the compatibility with the shape of the handrail and proceed with the purchase.

The last type is the low handrail. It is usually fitted to SUVs and station wagons. This is the simplest attack as there is only one type of it and it really fits on all types of cars that own it.

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Who Needs Universal Roof Bars?

The universal roof bars stop being an accessory and become something indispensable when we do special sports such as kayaking or cycling. Nobody can get a canoe or bike mounted in the car, unless they have a dedicated van. But in that case, the cheap price we talked about earlier fails. The Withcar universal roof bars allow us to increase the space enough not to have problems of encumbrance that lead us to give up our minivans or city cars. And if you are a ski enthusiast, you can finally stop renting equipment in the mountains by bringing it from home and reducing costs even more.

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Universal roof bars allow you to carry almost anything you don’t want or can’t fit inside your vehicle.

And if you are not sporty but are part of a large family, it goes without saying that the universal roof bars are for you. The suitcases will be well fixed on the roof and the trunk can easily accommodate 4-legged friends, without sacrificing passenger space.

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