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How Do Snow Chains Work?

During harsh winter weather and extreme driving conditions, it is a good idea to invest in quality sets of snow chains. These aren’t necessary everywhere. As a matter of fact, they are outlawed in other places. But, snow chains are not legal in other states and several roads, some geographic regions encourage them and require them sometimes. Check your local law enforcement or highway patrol regarding the legality of putting car snow chains.

If you are planning to buy snow chains, there are some options you can choose from. There are also many benefits of using these. Aside from getting the best and right chains, there are some particular tires that should be used with chains, enabling them to work more effectively and efficiently.

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How to Choose the Best Car Battery

Car batteries are basically the electrical storage units, which convert chemical to electrical energy. The basics how car batteries work have not really changed much in decades. These batteries are lead-acid design. Electrolyte or acid reacts with lead plates in the battery to generate electricity.

It also takes more power to turn a huge engine than small ones, so the battery has to be rated and sized accordingly. These days, vehicles have more demanding electrical loads from many accessories, computers, and modules and would require batteries with enough power for systems to work properly. Overworking a car battery through installing something that is too small to meet the power demands of the vehicle can cause electrolyte reaction to prematurely fail. Read More

Car rubber trunk mat

What can a car rubber trunk mat do for us?

One of the astonishing details of any vehicle today is the size of its trunk. Manufacturers will go a long way into squeezing out an extra inch of space in a modern vehicle. But, why is this so? It turns our cargo space is one of the most demanded features of any car. This is especially true for larger vehicles, with which you would normally carry a lot of stuff. All this space can get damaged with accidental spills and sharp cargo moving around during the drive. Here is where the car rubber trunk mat comes in and saves the day. Let’s look at what its main benefits are, and how we can keep our car safer and cleaner if we use one.

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Car roof racks for adding functionality to your car

Very often, when preparing for a journey or a family trip, it seems impossible to fit all the things we want to take with us into the back of our car. Therefore, the roof of a car becomes a very good place for transportation of things that don’t fit inside and it is more and more common to see cars with roof boxes, bicycles, skis and other things on the roof of cars. All of this would be impossible without car roof racks. They can be installed on the roof of your car very easily. And although some cars can be bought with a built in carriers, most car roof racks are to be bought in specialized stores and need to be installed.

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Learn how Car Brakes work and how to maintain them


There is no doubt about this thing that car engines are considered sexy and no such importance is given to the car brakes. All of the major attention is given to the engines, while car brakes get covered up in dust all the time.

Earlier the roads used to be all clear with minimum amount of traffic, but now if you want to drive at today’s highway speeds or just want to drive safely while taking all the precautions, then you must take proper care of your car brakes. Read More