Learn how Car Brakes work and how to maintain them

Learn how Car Brakes work and how to maintain them


There is no doubt about this thing that car engines are considered sexy and no such importance is given to the car brakes. All of the major attention is given to the engines, while car brakes get covered up in dust all the time.

Earlier the roads used to be all clear with minimum amount of traffic, but now if you want to drive at today’s highway speeds or just want to drive safely while taking all the precautions, then you must take proper care of your car brakes.

What do car brakes do?

Most of the people believe that the car stops with the help of car brakes. Wrong! It is the friction of the car tires against the road that gradually slows down and would stop a car. In short the brakes stop the wheels from turning.

There are a lot of modern cars which use disc brakes. So let us know something about disc brakes.

The Disc brakes consist of five major things, they are:

  1. Brake Discs
  2. Callipers
  3. Brake pads
  4. Brake lines
  5. Brake master cylinder

There is a plate like disc or a rotor on a disc brake which is attached with the car wheel. This plate is then squeezed by the brake pads in a calliper. If you will squeeze a spinning plate between your thumb and fingers, then gradually it would slow down. Same thing happens in this process.

There are two layers in the brake pads; first one is the metal backing plate and a high friction material. It presses against the brake disc. It acts as a platform for friction material. One another benefit of a backing plate is that it protects the brake calliper in case of excessive heat builds up.


There are very small pistons around the brake calliper which would wrap around each disc. The brake pad is then pushed against the disc with the help of these pistons. There are two or more such pistons in the calliper so that the pressure is evenly distributed against the brake disc by the brake pads.

If there will be more pistons in a calliper, then the pressure on the pads would be distributed evenly onto the brake disc. This is the reason why high performance cars have many piston brake callipers. Most of the brake systems these days contain power assistance that would help to increase the action of your foot, thus reducing the braking effort.

Heat is the Enemy

Now you are aware that how car brakes work and now you should know what causes problems. The first enemy of good braking system is nothing else but HEAT.

A lot of heat is generated when the brake pads are pressed against the brake disc. There is a lot of heat loaded in the front brakes and then to get rid of this heat, then the cooling air is pulled from the centre of the disc to the outer edges. This way the discs would remain cooler as the hot air would be pumped away and it would be thus less prone to fading. When the brakes are overused or overheated, only then the process of fading occurs.

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