OEM floor mats for Audi 1

OEM floor mats for Audi 1

Perhaps the first parts to start looking a little rough in a brand new car are the floor mats. They trap virtually all of the dirt left on the driver’s shoes from the ground outside of the car. They can often be cleaned but they also wear out very quickly because they are literally stepped on every time that the car is driven. If the car is made by Audi, replace those beat up old floor mats with OEM Audi floor mats. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer so the buyer knows that these floor mats are designed for that specific vehicle.

Why go with OEM floor mats versus a floor mat off the shelf from the local discount store? The reason is quite simple: quality. Audi makes the car, so therefore who better to supply the specifications for the equipment for that car than Audi? Audi is known for the quality of their vehicles. OEM Audi floor mats are made to the same stringent quality standards as Audi vehicles are made. OEM floor mats are designed specifically to fit in the vehicle, in this case Audi, in mind. They will absolutely, without question, fit into the space given without any alterations. They will look and feel like they were part of the vehicle from the start and not like they were an added piece.

Floor mats are very important to a vehicle’s interior. They trap every piece of mud, dirt, and grime that’s brought into the vehicle from outside keeping the interior of the vehicle in showroom condition. They will eventually need to be replaced and no better way to replace them than with OEM Audi floor mats.

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