Mercedes Benz Floor Mats

Mercedes Benz Floor Mats

Mercedes Benz floor mats are widely available from online retailers. Many carry options such as vintage floor mats, all season, auto sport plush mats and even trunk mats. The standard colors of black, beige and grey are available to match original interiors. Vintage mats come in additional colors like blue, brown, burgundy and palomino. New Mercedes Benz floor mats and are usually in the $100 price range plus shipping for a set of four. Vintage mats will usually sell for $60 to 100 for a set of four. These mats are generally replacements to an existing set sold with the car, and are used to cover the carpet in the front and rear seat areas.

To ensure you are receiving OEM floor mats (Original Equipment Manufacturer) placing a direct order from the local Mercedes Benz dealership is another alternative. Most dealerships have a website where parts can be requested and shipped directly to your home. Be sure to specify the exact mats and color options because returns can be assessed a restocking fee. These are sold in sets of four only. The dealership where the car was purchased may also be able to order new OEM floor mats, or reserve vintage mats as models are received for trade in.

Since most mats come in sets of four, ordering single replacement mats can be difficult. Beware of online auction or bargain website which offer OEM floor mats. These are often cheap knockoffs from overseas, which are manufactured to resemble the originals. Prices can average half of retail, but often sell for closer to actual retail because people believe them to be authentic. Replacement authentic Mercedes benz mats should last three to five years with normal use, and these aftermarket replicas can break down in less than a year.

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